Our Story

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It wasn’t long ago that I was struggling to come up with lunch ideas for my picky children. I felt guilty for feeding them processed food, but I didn’t have the time to do otherwise. My son was gluten intolerant and it was incredibly difficult to find really good gluten-free food that he actually liked. 


One day, I finally took a step back from my busy schedule and started educating myself on what I was actually feeding my kids. Then I created healthy alternatives to their favorite foods and plenty changed from there. 


Shortly after switching my kids' lunches, I not only noticed that my kids were happier, I also noticed a complete positive shift in their health, grades, and behavior. I realized that so many other families could benefit from this service, so I took time off from work and started making lunches for neighbors, family, and friends. They too saw drastic improvements in their children.


So, the lunch transformation journey began! I resigned from my job and drained my savings to live out my passions: serving my community, improving the health and happiness of children, and of course, food!  


At Ready Set Lunch, we vow to do our part in helping our local communities and households; making life easier for our parents, caretakers, and our children. You will receive exceptional service and unmatched food quality. We promise to serve our kids healthy, flavorful, and delicious lunches made with love. 

Melissa Glenn


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