Frequently asked questions

About Ready Set Lunch

What is Ready Set Lunch?

Ready Set Lunch is a LOCAL subscription-based company that provides freshly made, nutrient-dense and ready-to-eat meals, that are designed for children, but also good for the whole family. We're on a lunch transformation journey, aiming to change the way that children feel about healthy eating, while relieving some lunch-making stress from our parents along the way! We thank you for supporting your local economy, small businesses and family farmers! Check out Our Credo to learn more about who we are at our core, and what we live by as a company!

How does your service work?

The typical process is as follows:

  1. Sign up, using the waiti ng list form - this alerts us that you're interested in our service
  2. Monitor your email to be notified of next steps
  3. An onboarding specialist from the Ready Set Lunch team will give you a call and email you once space is available
  4. Create your account and make your meal selections before the cutoff time
  5. Receive your delivery
Each week thereafter, you'll repeat the process of reviewing the rotational menu and placing your order. Your meals will be delivered to you fresh every week. Every Thursday at 12:00 am, we release a select number of hot and cold menu items for you to choose from. You will simply choose the amount of meals allowed in your plan. You must make your menu selections by Sunday at 11:59 pm in order to receive a delivery for the upcoming week. All orders are placed one week in advance; for example, place your order by Sunday at 11:59 pm and receive your order the following Sunday. All meals are delivered on your doorstep (unless otherwise noted), in insulated cooler bags to keep your meals cool and fresh. We ask that you retrieve your lunches and refrigerate them immediately. Prior to your next delivery, you will set your cooler bag and the ice packs on the front porch so that we can collect them, sanitize them and get them ready for your next batch of meals.

Are you a school lunch service?

Short Answer: Sure, you can say that. Though we don’t deliver to schools, we deliver to you. Long, more exaggerated answer: We are a year-round meal service. While our goal is to help relieve parents from preparing homemade school lunches for their children, our service is much more than school lunch. Our meals can be used for:

  • School Lunch
  • Homeschool Lunch
  • Working Adults
  • Stay at Home Parents
  • Senior Citizens
  • College Students
  • Family Meals
  • Corporate Lunch
  • Portion Control
  • Clean Eating
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • Dinner
And so much more! You name it, our service fits the bill!

Is your service just for kids?

Absolutely not! We've found that adults LOVE eating our food, just as much as children. While our meals are designed for children, they are great for the entire family — including high school students, teens, college students and senior citizens. Portion sizes are not altered for adults, but we provide pretty good sized portions that can work for anyone.

Do you deliver to schools, or to homes?

We deliver directly to your doorstep.

What is your "Nutritious Twist"?

We’ve figured out the formula and we know what kids like! We create nutrient-dense familiar food that doesn’t scare away picky eaters. We're teaching children early that you don't necessarily have to ditch the foods you like, just change what is in them. We recreate some of the most popular children's foods, only we put a healthy spin on each of them - removing harmful ingredients, beefing up the nutrients and concealing them in a way that is not easily detectable to picky eaters. We also; however, place a lot of our healthy items in plain sight. Our side items are typically raw, fresh fruit and veggies. We usually make these items with a twist and present them in fun, unique ways to attract kids to eating them. So not only do children receive the nutrients they need with their side dishes, we take it a step further by incorporating even MORE nutrients in the entree itself to ensure that the kids get plenty of what they need. The most important thing to note here is that we want our kids to appreciate the taste of the nutritious ingredients that we place in their meals, and one day fully eat them without issue. We understand that it is unrealistic to get a child to eat plain quinoa and broccoli as a meal without first introducing the concept, taste and texture. Our process starts the introduction process and our goal is for this to turn into a lifelong way of eating for our children.

What is the difference between companies like you and meal kit companies, especially those who specialize in kids meals?

While these companies are great in what they specialize in, we are a local company catering only to our local communities. We are families who live, source, cook and deliver directly within our own communities. You know where your food is coming from, who is preparing it and how it arrives to you. We never ship or mail your food and we never make your food in an industrial, machine-run facility. Also, we’ve tasted the food of similar companies and we have to say we love our flavor the most. We believe that healthy food should still have flavor, so we build unique flavors in food that you can't help but to love. Lastly, our nutritious twist is a trailblazer in the industry. We take kids’ favorite foods and transform them to healthy meals, removing all the junk and beefing up the nutrients to create tasty, healthy and popular dishes.

Why would someone use your service vs. buying school lunch or making lunch themselves?

We support school lunch, as it has come a long way and is a great opportunity for many children to get the meals and nutrients they need. Our service is more for the parents who choose not to purchase school lunch and who already make homemade lunches for their kids, or the parents who are thinking about transitioning from school lunch to a clean, tasty alternative. Our goal is to save these parents time by preparing their meals, while serving super clean and delicious food.

Waiting List

What is the waiting list and why do you have one?

The waiting list is a preliminary registration for prospective customers to complete. Completing this form alerts us that you're interested in our service and places you on a VIP list. We've decided to incorporate the waiting list due to the high demand for service in our area. Our goal is to ensure that we're being fair and servicing our customers in the order that they're received.

How does the waiting list work?

Visit the Waiting List page for details.

  1. Submit your waiting list form
  2. Add us as a contact in your email to receive notifications and updates
  3. Once space is available, you will be notified via phone call and email with instructions
  4. Create your account and make your menu selections by the given deadline
Start receiving yummy lunch!

How long will I be on the waiting list?

We are currently running our pre-launch pilot for select customers, so there's definitely a chance to receive service within the coming weeks. Our goal is to move our waiting list as fast as possible! We will keep you updated and engaged until your space is available and you’re more than welcomed to reach out to check the status at anytime by emailing support@readysetlunchkids.com

How will I know when my space is available?

You will be contacted via phone and email at least 1 week in advance of when there is space available, as this gives you time to set up your account and make your meal selections before the cutoff day and time. You will need to create your account and make your meal selections by the given time in order to participate.

How do I change my waiting list entry?

If you need to change your waiting list entry, (for example: change your address, the number of days needing lunch, or the number of lunches per day) simply email us at support@readysetlunchkids.com with your full name, email address, and the changes that you want to make. We will get these taken care of as soon as possible!

How do I remove myself from the waiting list?

You can remove yourself from the waiting list by emailing us @ support@readysetlunchkids.com Simply unsubscribing via email may not remove your name from the waiting list.

What is the Pre-Launch Pilot?

The pre-launch pilot is an opportunity for select customers to participate in our service for a limited time prior to our official launch. These customers receive the full service experience, just as regular customers would, as we test our food and concepts. To participate in the pilot, customers merely need to join the waiting list. We choose pilot participants from the waiting list entries and email them an invitation to participate. If you choose to participate, simply accept the email invitation. Pilot selections are determined by the order of waiting list entries. Due to limited space, we will not be able to accommodate every family during the pilot. if you're not selected, no worries! Joining the waiting list secures your space for service when we officially launch.

The Facility

What are your safety and sanitation practices in light of the current state of the world?

We didn’t need a pandemic to tell us to take food practices seriously. We’re germaphobes and we’re proud of it! Our kitchen is state-of-the-art, sterile, and clean. We have very strict sanitation and health practices that go well above the CDC and health code regulations to ensure that our food is cooked in pristine conditions! Our meals are packaged in SEALED containers. We utilize the contactless delivery method by bringing your food in insulated coolers to your doorstep and sending you a text notification when it arrives. You can rest assured, your food is in the best hands possible!

Are you an allergen free facility?

A team of dedicated professionals have designed a menu that has been carefully analyzed for harmful ingredients and allergens. Our menu consists of hot and cold meals, gluten free options, vegetarian options, vegan options, dairy free options, nut free options, soy free options, etc. All meals are clean and free of harmful ingredients. All ingredients will be listed for each meal so that you can see what is included and make your best determination on what to order. You are also able to filter meals by allergen tags to avoid certain allergens in your meals. While we work hard to ensure that many dishes are allergen free, we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any cross contamination of these ingredients.

Pricing & Plans

What additional fees do you charge?

We have very few additional fees, some only charged in certain circumstances. Bag Rental Fee: This one-time upfront fee allows us to deliver your lunches in insulated coolers each week. This bag keeps your food cold and fresh until you retrieve it! This fee will only be charged once and will appear on your initial checkout only You typically only need one bag, but if you order several meals, you may need additional bags Delivery: This fee is charged one time per week to cover the delivery of your meals. Bag Return Fee (uncommon): Only charged if you don't return your cooler bag with the bag exchange program. This fee is refunded once you return your bag.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?

Yes, we will take it hard and personally if you leave us, as we feel like we've grown a community-family, but you can cancel your subscription anytime with no hassle.

Can you explain your pricing strategy?

We believe in the low price-high quality model, and we strive every day to meet this, while keeping ingredient quality in mind. We tried our best to make the prices as low as possible, while still considering the cost to buy organic ingredients and the labor costs to make every single thing by hand. If we compare Ready Set Lunch to similar companies, or your average kids meal, our quality of food is unmatched and our prices are competitive. We hope that you see the value in our service.

The Food

Can I pack your lunches for school or work?

Absolutely! The beauty of our meals is that they can be eaten at home or packed and eaten elsewhere. Our cold meals are grab-and-eat. Simply peel back the tamper-proof film and have at it! You can also pack the cold lunch in your lunch bag with an ice pack and eat it later. Our hot meals give kids at school a chance to have a variety of food, rather than just cold lunches. All of our hot lunches are Thermos compatible and work great with virtually any thermal insulated food container. Simply heat your food and the container according to specifications, add your food, then add the container to your lunch bag and go! It’s that easy.

What types of ingredients do you use?

When it comes to ingredients, we don't play around! We've spent YEARS researching what's in food and we won't lie, we have been pretty disturbed by what we've found along the way. Food that we eat on an everyday basis is loaded with ingredients that cause many illnesses and diseases. We’ve gone through all of our meals with fine toothed combs and literally removed all the junk! We have a high standard for ingredients and you will never catch us skimping to save a buck. We avoid GMO, preservatives, artificial ingredients and other harmful additives. Visit our Clean Eating page for more details.

Do you only serve lunch?

Nope! Our menu hosts a variety of meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks!

What are your portion sizes?

Because we serve a wide range of ages without varying portion sizes, our meals are portioned pretty generously. Our children get plenty of yums and nutrients that fill their tummies very well. Teens & adults who have consumed our meals have reported feeling satiated afterward.


Where do you deliver?

We deliver to multiple areas across Georgia. Please visit our Delivery Areas page to determine if we deliver to your home.